Why Rent with Us


Search for the equipment you need

Five Boro Tool Rental & Equipment boasts a vast inventory of heavy-duty equipment for industrial and construction use. We have an inventory fully stocked with all kinds and sizes of tools and machinery to suit your construction or industrial repair and maintenance needs.

To rent a piece of machinery with us, all you have to do is search for the tools and machinery of your requirement from our online inventory. Then, search by category or brand name; we’ve got it all. So, select the equipment you need and add it to the cart to make a customized package.


Request a free price quote for the tools you selected

Once you have located the machinery and equipment you need, the next step is as simple as typing a few words in our request form to get a free estimate for the tools you need as per the duration.

Get a price quote with no questions asked by our team, and you can also choose to hire machinery starting from just one day. We offer flexible packages to accommodate our clients’ requirements. Once you have the budget ready, proceed to the final step.


Confirm the rental and have it delivered to your site

Five Boro Tool Rental & Equipment delivers high-quality industrial and building machinery very seriously. Hence, we ensure that the equipment you have selected is of the highest quality and is in mint condition through our rigorous inspection checks.

We never delay on our fastest delivery promise, especially when it comes to finishing your construction project. The equipment you need will be on its way shortly after you confirm the order.

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