Five Boro Tool Rental provides all types of equipment, including heavy machinery to small tools and accessories for rental. We serve across the five boroughs (The Bronx, Brooklyn, Manhattan, Queens, Staten Island), including Suffolk and Nassau counties in New York.

Yes, we have our own transportation for tools and equipment pickup and delivery. Although, if you require tools that can be easily carried, you can come and pick them up from our shop by yourself. However, if heavy tools and large equipment, such as generators, excavators, and bulldozers, are required, we can deliver them to the project site with a full tank of fuel as per the client’s needs.

Yes, we provide tools, equipment, and machinery for rental for one day, two days, a week, or longer as per the client’s requirements.

If you rent the equipment for a specific period but later need an extension, you can discuss it with our experts. Depending on the number of days and type of equipment you require, we may be able to accommodate your requests at additional charges.

At Five Boro Tool Rental, we ensure that all our machines, power tools, and equipment is well-maintained and serviced regularly. Moreover, our service technicians ensure quality by inspecting the equipment before delivery. We also provide support if there are any issues with the equipment later.

We have a straightforward booking process if you want to make a tool rental booking. You can make the booking online from our website, pay using your card, and provide a valid ID. It is advised to make the booking at least 48 hours in advance to avoid the risk of equipment unavailability at the last minute.

If you want to rent any tools and equipment immediately, get in touch with our team and make a booking today!

We carry an extensive inventory of well-maintained equipment, machinery, or tools and ensure inspection before delivery. However, if any problems arise with the rental machinery or equipment while it is being used at your site, we have an experienced and skilled team on hand to address any issues. 24/7.

Though we provide equipment and machinery in good condition, we are always ready to provide timely and reliable repairs on-site 24/7. Moreover, if necessary, we can even replace parts of rental equipment from various brands specified on our website, subject to the availability of spares. So, if you ever face any issues of machinery breakdown on your site, feel free to consult with our team for expert assistance!

Yes, we also sell some equipment and machinery for various brands that you can check on our website. You can reach out to our team via call or online to confirm their availability and place the order.

Yes, depending on the particular piece of equipment you want for rent and the specific needs of your project, we also provide any additional accessories that you may be required to make the job easier. However, if you don’t have extensive knowledge about which other accessories you might need when renting particular tools and equipment, feel free to request assistance from our experienced professionals to know what you might need.

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