Product Overview

Making the right choice in choosing a power trowel for your next concrete finishing job is extremely important, as it will save you both time and money.

To decide about the best power trowel is perhaps not a simple task. However, breaking down the power trowel into its four major parts may help us a bit more to decide, whether it is best or not?

  • Engine: First and foremost is the engine. An engine with the highest horsepower would be best but remember it might come heavily to your pocket.
  • Gearbox and power take-off: The next is the gearbox. A gearbox made of high strength steel shaft of sufficiently large diameter would be the best. This is will be best to survive a very rouge use. how to use it rightly Sometimes, gearboxes can also be made of aluminum and cast iron. In any case, durable material is always desirable. Regarding power take-offs, you must look for a good quality clutch box. Lastly, the process to check oil should also be convenient.

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