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Cold weather can’t keep you from getting work done when you have a kerosene portable heater to warm up your work area.This video will show the proper startup, operation, and shut down procedure for this Mi-T-M 190,000 BTU portable heater.While outside or in a well ventilated area, on a level surface, fill the tank with fresh, #1 kerosene or # 1 or # 2 diesel fuel until the gauge points to F.

Replace the cap securely, and move the heater into your workspace. Ventilation is very important, and fresh air must be provided in your workspace.Plug the power cord into a 3-prong, grounded extension cord, which is plugged into a GFCI grounded outlet or a generator.Turn the thermostat control knob to the desired temperature setting. The setting range is from 40° F to 110° F.

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